Bibles For Haiti

Churches in Action supports Functional Literacy Ministries of Haiti, (FLM), with a Bible gift program. FLM has developed an literacy educational program that teaches adults how to read in their native language of Creole.  Upon completion of the program each graduate is given a Bible (in Creole).

To help defray the expense of these gifts, a donation of $10 is asked. For a $10 donation an inscription will be placed in the Bible with your name.

haiti-biblesThe inscription can read:

  • A Gift From (your name will appear in the Bible)
  • A Gift In Honor (some else’s name will appear in a Bible); or
  • A Gift In Memory of ( a deceased person you would like to honor will appear in the Bible.)

With your donation of $10, you will receive a certificate which you may give to the recipient of your gift.

Checks should be made out to Churches in Action.

For more information contact your church CIA representative or contact us directly at