Churches In Action (CIA) was started to help the churches of different denominations work together to serve our neighbors in need.

Some of the Guiding Principles of Our Organization are:

  • Each Christian church serves an important role in its representation of and ministry to a particular body of believers
  • We recognize and respect that each participating church differs in worship, creed and membership
  • We all maintain the one foundational belief that Jesus Christ is our risen Lord and Savior
  • It is to the glory of God and through the grace of the Holy Spirit that we can work side by side in service to Jesus Christ

Watch the videos below to learn more about Churches in Action.

Video 1: The Creation of Churches in Action.

Video 2: Mission Projects – Haiti and Christian Nurture.

Video 3: Mission Work at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy

Video 4: What does the Future Hold for CIA?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Churches in Action?”

Churches In Action or CIA was started to help the churches of different denominations work together to serve our less fortunate neighbors. Our mission statement is: We exist to facilitate missions amongst ecumenically minded churches. We aim to serve our neighbors both locally and beyond, wherever we see need, both inside and outside of the Christian community. We believe that united ministry in the name of Christ is one of the greatest witnesses we can offer to the transformative power of our Christian faith.

How Long has CIA been Active?

In 1996 CIA became a 501-C-3 Tax Exempt organization.

What Does CIA Do?

We locate and assist Christian based organizations that are currently serving those in need and help them by providing physical resources, support and our prayers. We specialize in ‘hands on’ mission projects which include: work weekends, food, clothing & personal care drives, Christmas caroling to group homes, undies Sunday, Crop Walk and assembling back packs for local high school students.

How Many Churches are Involved?

What began as a small group of three churches has steadily grown to include sixteen member churches. New members are always welcome!

Who have You Helped Locally?

We have been able to aid several local ministries including: Cornerstone Manor, City Mission , Sts. Peter and Paul Outreach, Operation Good Neighbor, St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, Paradise House, Trading Post, Chautauqua Rural Ministries, South Towns Christian Center, distribution of Bibles and water filters in Haiti.

Does CIA ONLY Help Local Causes?

No, our efforts are not limited to the local area. Our first work project was in rural Maine. CIA has supported projects in Biloxi, Mississippi (flood victims), Africa (water wells), Katrina relief and Haiti (In conjunction with Functional Literacy Ministries of Haiti 600 adults were given a Bible printed in their native language of Creole to celebrate their graduation from the literacy program! Collection and distribution of school and hygiene kits and construction of a cistern for the new hospital as well as the community).

Where Does CIA Get the Funding for It’s Projects?

CIA sponsors one or two fundraising projects each year. Funds are also received through donations of supporters of CIA’s local and foreign projects for the needy. In addition, each member church gives CIA a donation as they feel called.

How Do You Select Projects?

Every member church has one or two people who sit on the CIA Board. Any one can submit an idea and as a group we review projects submitted for consideration, and vote to determine which will be supported for the coming year based on available funds and resources.

How Often Does the CIA Committee Meet?

The committee meets approximately 6 to 7 times per year, generally followed by the gathering of volunteers to complete the scheduled projects and activities.

How Can an Individual or Group Volunteer to Help CIA?

Interested people can search This Year’s Projects to learn of upcoming events, call the CIA President Russell Rich 716-648-5785 or contact the CIA representative of a church to learn what activities are planned. CIA projects are family friendly. All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend any event! Show up and we will put you to work. You can also be added to the Friends Of The CIA mailing list and receive electronic notifications and updates. To become a Friend of CIA, please go to our Contact Us page and complete your contact information.

Can I Establish a CIA Chapter in My Town?

Yes, and current CIA members will assist you in getting started. We have templates and plans explaining how we perform a specific project. We can also provide personal contact getting your new chapter started.